Booking calendars

Manage all your bookings with a calendar view of your services

Booking Calendar

Integrate our booking calendars directly on your website. Booking by the day, evening, hourly or for an event are all possible using Toristy.

Service Availability

When combined with our Stock Control system the calendar will dynamically show the services that are available but ONLY when they're available. This helps you avoid duplicate reservations.


Your calendar is automatically synched both on your website and across the sales network so if you're fully booked you can't take new orders. However no matter where your sales come from the system will be in sync.


You may already run a booking calendar and update your information elsewhere. Easily send an integration request to our backend so that our developer team can evaluate whether an API connection to your booking data elsewhere is possible.

Sales Channel Content

When you join a member of our sales channel network, the booking calendar also updates across all the partners your services are listed with.

Fully Responsive

Powerful layout with responsive functionality means you can easily view your stock calendar from your mobile or your desktop.

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