How it works

STEP 1: You sign up or claim your business..

By signing up you get a content management system to add & edit your services so we may add you to our sales channel network. We also provide you with a widget you can embed on your webiste. This gives you the ability to take payments on your website, have a booking calendar for rentals or hotels and include a realtime stock management system. We provide these services for free although you do pay a small fee for the payment provider.

Why do we do this?

Because we want to get you onto a partner network that were developing all the time so that we can sell your services and take a comission fee for doing so. See step 2.

Where did you get the data about my business?

We have sourced a number of different online APIs and have crawled the websites we've found in order to enrich our information. Our data sources include but are not limited to PRH, Business finland, and many more publicly available sources.

How do you add the tools to my website?

You modify the services in toristy and develop the pages in the editor there. Then you simply add this code to your website in the body of a new page.

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STEP 2: Sales channels.


Our job aside from providing you with free tools is to develop our sales channel network. We're talking to travel agencies, large travel businesses, destination marketing organisations and niche service providers to list your services on their websites. As soon as we find relevant services that match what you have for sale (or where you offer your service) we will endeavour to get your services listed with them. You don't ever have to visit the partner sites, you can manage all your services and stock from Toristy.

Why do we do this?

Because this is how we get paid. We will organise a commission fee typically in the range of 10-15% per partner. So that means if you sell a service on the partners site listed for €100, €10-15 of that would be paid in commission.

Who are the partners we're working with?

Until we're ready to launch our partner plan we'd prefer to keep that under wraps, but the majority of our partner network are larger than 10M revenue a year companies. Also if you are eligable to be on 2, 3 or 10 partner sites you will be thus increasing your visbility and chances of making a sale.

How do I add my services to a partner site?

You request to be on the partner sites as they become available. Once we've reviewed your offering to make sure the content is relevant for the partner we will list you there.

STEP 3: So what does it cost?.

To use our tools on your own website is free but there will be a charge to manage the payments typically 1-3% depending on which service you want to use. We also charge a up to a 15% fee when (and only when) we get you listed on the partner network and a sale is made through the partner site.

Why are the tools free on our site?

We want to scale and we believe the best way to do that is offer a free service to the people we will eventually make money from via our partner network.

Will it always be free?

We will never charge fixed fees while the service is in Beta and our intention is to never charge for the service unless its via a commission on a sale you've made.

Why should I pay a commission fee?

The Enterprises we work with have spent a lot of marketing money to drive traffic to their websites and it's only fair they get paid for that. Once you've signed up with us we do the marketing so you don't have too, you only pay when you sell something.

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