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Destination marketing companies, government organisations or tourist offices, set-up your own branded tours and activities section on your website. Free.

Destination Marketing Companies

Our idea is that we can embed Tour and activity operator services directly to your website. If you're a travel agency, consumer transport business (airline, ferry, coach business), destination marketing organisations ( or a niche service provider serving a type of Tour or activity, we really should talk.

Boost Your Earnings

When travellers buy your services they usually want to get from "A" to "B" and stay somewhere. However a traveller will always want to do something when they get there. If you know where they are going you can present services after they have bought their ticket from you. You can then earn a commission from the Tour and activity operator.

Better Customer Satisfaction

The Tour and Activity operators we use are reputable, have been vetted by Toristy to make sure that they are reliable businesses. What better way to increase customer satisfaction than to provide a memorable journey with a unique experience found with your brand website.

Easy integration

We integrate with all major systems in under a week with no set-up fees. However if you prefer to work with our development team on a specific build we can create a custom solution for you. This would be priced based on a time and mateirals estimate. However we'd urge that you try the free set-up first as a proof of concept.

Own Marketplace

We have developed niche marketplace websites which are SEO friendly and have many of the functionalities of Toristy. Pedal World is one such example. If you would like to talk to us about developing a full platform with your own merchant onboarding strategy we are happy to discuss white labelling the platform.

Merchant onboarding

If you already have a functioning marketplace but would like more merchants (in any field not just tours and activities) we have an extensive methodology for enlisting and onboarding merchants to your platform.

How your webshop could look

You can get started in just a few minutes

  • Automate customer service responses
  • Availability on your terms
  • Manage business from your mobile
  • Book all year round with sales channels in your areas
  • Dashboards of your success at a glance
No Set-up Costs
Monthly Fee