Stock Management

Manage rental and ticket availability across your business.

Manage Stock

Managing inventory from anywhere is the key to eliminating double bookings. If customers book your service then your inventory will be updated in realtime.

Service Availability

Quickly and easily modify when you have no services available at all. If for instance you're on holiday at Xmas you could instruct the system not to allow any bookings on the 25th of December.

Opening Hours

Select when its possible to rent your services. If you're not available on a given day or a specific time every Wednesday you can modify Toristy to simply stop your services from being booked.


See at a glance when your stock needs replenishing or when you're fully booked by looking at the calendar. The calendar is automatically synched both on your website and across the network so if you're fully booked you can't take new orders.

Sales Channel Content

When you join a member of our sales channel network, availability and stock is automatically updated across all the partners your services are listed with.

Fully Responsive

Powerful layout with responsive functionality means you can easily update your stock or availability from your mobile or your desktop.

How your webshop could look

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  • Automate customer service responses
  • Availability on your terms
  • Manage business from your mobile
  • Book all year round with sales channels in your areas
  • Dashboards of your success at a glance
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