Wellness, Sauna & Massage

All in one booking system for wellness, massage and sauna activities that you can have up and running in 5 minutes. Free set-up and no monthly fees.

Accept bookings on your terms

Sell tickets or book times on your own website using our booking widget. Offer slots on your own terms when it's possible and manage offers depending on when you're available.

Customer Satisfaction

Send confirmation emails to your customer immediately and allow them to login and check their invoices. This saves you doing everything manually.

Sales Channels

Join a channel network local to you so that local destination marketing companies (ferries, hotels, airlines) will sell your services from their websites.

Manage Bookings

It's easy for you to manage all your bookings from Toristy via a stock system. You can set how many slots are available from your mobile phone.

Adjust Anything

Make any adjustment to your pricing in Toristy and it will work across all the channels we work with. Adjust for times of day or discount for amount of people.


Your booking platform will monitor sales and how many customers you have. You can also integrate Google Analytics so you can see where sales are coming from.

How your webshop could look

You can get started in just a few minutes

  • Automate customer service responses
  • Availability on your terms
  • Manage business from your mobile
  • Book all year round with sales channels in your areas
  • Dashboards of your success at a glance
No Set-up Costs
Monthly Fee