Ancillary revenue for hotels

Earn ancillary revenues from experiences

Date Published: 2021-05-24

With Covid-19 the tourism industry has been hit hard but with the news that the EU members have agreed on Covid-19 passes for summer travel, European Union citizens can start packing for summer vacations in the bloc’s 27 nations without having to worry about quarantines. They soon should be able to travel freely across the EU, and we should all be ready. It is always important to find the right way to generate revenue for your business, based on what you have to offer. With the right ancillary revenue, you can easily push the boundaries and find ways to bring in more profits for your business.

What is ancillary revenue?

The idea behind ancillary revenue is quite simple. It’s about finding ways to generate more revenue for your business by offering your customers related services to booking a room at your hotels. Of course, they are not mandatory, but many customers will be interested in extra services if they find them interesting.

Hotels have the opportunity during their online check in process, after a purchase to a destination to offer their guests tours and experiences local to their hotel premises. They could add a marketplace to their website under a tab called “see and do” or something similar describing the experiences that guests can buy in the area they are travelling too. Or you could send a text message when they arrive at your hotel that opens up the offer.

Work closely with local businesses

You can provide local businesses with the opportunity to come onboard and offer their tours and experiences. This in return will give your hotels great public relations and build a fantastic community spirit. By doing so this will bring extra income for both.

Make your hotel a meeting place

There are many tour and experience providers that require meeting points and they a third-party location. Your hotel can be a great pick-up point for guests wanting a tour. You would have the opportunity to sell light refreshments while the guests wait to be picked up when they return offer specials to them at your hotel’s restaurants.

Providing tours and experiences in your area with Toristy

Toristy offers hotels a branded online marketplace, that can be part of your website or booking flow. There is zero cost to you and within a few hours your website could be selling tours and experiences in your surrounding areas. I would be happy to explain the concept, how it all works and how much more you could earn in a one to one call for maximum 30 minutes.