How tour and activity suppliers can take advantage of pent up demand

Toristy and Scandic Hotels Finland partnership to sell tours, and activities

Date Published: 2021-11-22

We've all had a period of almost 2 years where going out to a restaurant in your city has been restricted at best, not possible at worst and that's without travelling anywhere. Hotels have been closed, transport limited whilst tours, activities and experiences have been forced into hibernation for almost 2 years.

At last, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now that vaccines seem to be working.

With this in mind, Scandic Hotels and Toristy have today launched a Finnish partnership to sell tours, activities and experiences across the country starting with Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Scandic and Toristy are now calling out for suppliers from across the country to apply to join the service in order to help their guests really enjoy their stays with unique things to see and do.

Unique Experiences

We want to be able to showcase the best of Finland's services that are attractive to Finns and foreigners alike. Hunting the Northern lights is on the bucket list of so many international tourists but for someone who lives in Rovaniemi, it's almost a nightly occurrence in the winter.

We have put together activities that everyone, regardless of where they come from will enjoy. These include but aren't limited to adventure and adrenalin services, air tours like the award-winning Helsinki Helicopter Sightseeing tour, boating, sailing and cruising, culinary activities, sightseeing, wellness, winter activities, or if you want to see something extraordinary, we have things like spending a day with Wolfdogs near Rovaniemi!

**All kinds of unique experiences welcome **

As a travel experience supplier, you only pay a commission when a Scandic guest buys your service. Imagine the number of people who want to do something this winter and while International borders are still a little difficult, you have a short window of opportunity to ride the wave of enthusiasm people have to just get out and play!

Eager to play

Nina Hägerstöm, Distribution Director at Scandic Hotels Finland comments;

"All aspects of our lives have been affected by the pandemic and we know our guests are eager to visit places in Finland having been restricted for so long. Over this period we have worked very hard to ensure our guests have a safe environment to enjoy themselves and now we want to enrich that experience by offering tours, activities and experiences in the vicinities of our hotels. Toristy has worked with us to provide a system where guests can book local activities directly from our website and we encourage any supplier close to a Scandic hotel to sign up for free as we're looking for high-quality, unique or fun for the family activities."

Free setup

Joining the Scandic sales channel is easy to do and free to set up through the partnership with Toristy. Fill in this form and if you have one of the tools mentioned, or have your products in the VisitFinland datahub please indicate it so we may contact you to finish the process of onboarding your products. We may need to invite you to the system so you may update availability and pricing. Then once the products are tested and approved we can then add them to the channel.

Steve Jackson, CEO of Toristy comments;

"We are really excited to be cooperating with Scandic Hotels. We're looking for bookable tours, activities or attractions in both English and Finnish that will excite locals and international tourists alike. If you already have Bókun, Fareharbor or are on the VisitFinland datahub we can automatically import your services. If you are not, then not to worry we also have a full booking tool service that you can sign up for allowing you to sell products on your own website as well as Scandic. Once we have curated the services and ensured they are bookable they will go live on the channel and when Scandic has enough products in each city they will go live on their websites. Scandic are then including links to the services in email newsletters, communications after guests make a reservation and in hotel visibility such as QR codes. It's a really great opportunity for experience suppliers to get great visibility when the guest is in the destination."

The right time

Putting travel services in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right person, is what we're aiming for. If a guest is looking for something to do in a Scandic hotel they are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. The pandemic thankfully is looking like it's drawing to a close with very few restrictions still in place and very few serious cases due to an excellent vaccination take up in Finland. Now is the time to throw off the shackles and enjoy ourselves.

In Scandic, it just got that little bit easier to find things to do so if you're a supplier don't miss out! Sign up now.