Indonesian Tours & Activities Take Center Stage With Tech Tie-Up

Toristy & Magpie collaborate to power new B2C Experiences marketplace, Hayo

Date Published: 2021-03-01

Toristy & Magpie collaborate to power new B2C Experiences marketplace, Hayo, bringing thousands of tour & activity products to Indonesian consumers

Helsinki, March 1st, 2021: Toristy, the Helsinki-based SaaS solution and in destination distributer for the tour, activity and experiences sector of Travel, today announced an agreement with Magpie Travel, the San Francisco-based company providing content management solutions to the Tours & Activities sector. The companies will partner to deliver both content management and distribution solutions to tours and activities businesses in Indonesia, with specific focus on delivering content for sale on the new consumer site, Hayo.


Discussing the tie-up, Toristy CEO Steve Jackson said “Our work in Indonesia is focused on supporting the launch of Hayo.Travel, a new entrant into the consumer market which plans to offer its customers a broad selection of tour and activity products. Making that happen involves bringing together solutions for inventory management, reservations and content management. Our partnership with Magpie really speeds us up on that third leg, as their solution is so perfectly tailored to the tours and activities space”.

Hayo Wisata Indonesia, the Jakarta based online travel agency in Indonesia that connects travellers around the globe with local operators across the Indonesian archipelago commented: “The cooperation will focus efforts on onboarding suppliers to Hayo Travel, delivering content that Hayo can activate for sale to Indonesian tourists and later a global audience“ said Masrura Ram Idjal President Director Hayo Indonesia.

Magpie CEO Christian Watts also commented on the partnership: “As consumers have become more experienced buying online, many have begun to look for local, “in destination” sites to research and book their tours and activities. But having global OTAs to compete against means local sites must have a very slick offering, or they will lose customers to their larger and better resourced competitors. In this case in Indonesia, Toristy and Magpie are combining to level the playing field, allowing Hayo to find operators, onboard them quickly, and manage bookings using the most sophisticated SaaS based solutions in the marketplace. It’s a real win-win-win and gives operators more choice -- always a good thing”, he said.

About Toristy

Toristy is an in-destination reseller and online reservation software as a service. The company’s mission is to make travel industry, tour, activity and experience operators famous. It does this by selling operator services on the website of travel networks such as airlines, ferries, trains, hotels and local media or marketplaces, helping tour operators build a local sales network and simultaneously providing new revenue streams for all concerned.

About Hayo Travel:

Hayo Travel is online travel agency in Indonesia that connects travellers around the globe with local operators across the archipelago. Using Hayo, travellers can find local operators with unique tours, activities and experiences, along with transportation and accommodation offerings. Hayo’s destinations include Bali, Indonesia’s most famous island resort, the cultural region of Yogyakarta, the rising destination of Labuan Bajo, and many others. Tours on the platform will be sold locally in Indonesia and globally to B2B partners.

About Magpie Travel

Magpie Travel is a San Francisco-based company offering a cloud-based Content Management System exclusively for the tours, activities & sightseeing marketplace. Magpie stores operator product content in a purpose-built CMS, and outputs in a wide variety of formats, each matching the specific requirements of a reseller partner. Operators using Magpie benefit from loading and managing their content in a single location; resellers gain access to high-quality, 100% complete content in the format they require.

Contacts: Available for interview — Steve Jackson (Toristy) Masrura Ram Idjal (Hayo) Christian Watts (Magpie)